Geospatial Technologies to Improve Urban Energy Efficiency
September 2009 - September 2014

In collaboration with The City of Calgary and as a part of the HEAT (Heat Energy Assessment Technologies) project, the focus of my PhD research was to develop a semi/automated ‘protocol’ to post-process large volumes of high-resolution (H-res) airborne thermal infrared (TIR) imagery to enable accurate urban waste heat mapping.

Remote Sensing and GIS
August 2007 - May 2009

The MSc program in Remote Sensing and GIS at AIT is designed with intensive coursework to enable students developing a solid background in RS technology and GIS applications.  During my MSc at AIT, I completed nine credit courses. Then, I pursued my MSc thesis on a project titled, "Developing a Portable Sensor Node Under the Sensor Service Grid for Real-Time Air Pollution Monitoring" that was jointly funded by the Thai Research Foundation and the Government of Japan.

My undergraduate program was primarily devoted to the study of urban environments, regional and rural development planning, and disaster management. I also had the privilege to attend a handful number of advanced math and engineering courses. I pursued my undergraduate thesis on the topic: 'Mitigating Air Pollutions - Planning Guidelines for Dhaka'.

Urban and Regional Planning
August 2001 - October 2006

Science Major
May 1994 - June 2000

I would like to mention my high school (Jhenidah Cadet College) for two specific reasons: (i) it was one of the most renowned high school in the country, and (ii) being exclusively residential and being under the direct supervision of Armed Forces, it incorporated all-round educations (including physical training and basic military training) to infuse a high sense of morality, responsibility, integrity, leadership quality, discipline and patriotism within the students. I consider myself fortunate that I obtained my early education and other essential training from this institution.