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The boreal-forest regions of Alberta are under increasing pressure from human development related to natural-resource extraction. Roads, seismic lines, well sites, cut blocks, mines, pipelines, and other elements of human footprint exert cumulative environmental effects that can harm biodiversity, water quality, and the habitat of threatened species such as woodland caribou. In order to mitigate these effects, resource-extraction companies and provincial regulators are working to develop monitoring initiatives that track the amount of human footprint present in a given area, and measure the rate at which previously disturbed areas are being reclaimed.
This project is a 5-year NSERC-CRD funded project, designed to support these goals by taking advantage of cutting-edge geospatial technologies and advanced modeling techniques that can aid in the process of measuring, monitoring, and predicting the recovery of vegetation on non-permanent (i.e., to-be reclaimed) human-footprint features. I am working as a research scientist in this project for the last one year.

MyHEAT builds tools that engage the human spirit on energy efficiency. Inspiring local change, for a better global future. Through large-scale data processing that establishes where energy is escaping from buildings, the MyHEAT platform provides users with the information they need to understand their energy loss, increase efficiency, reduce consumption and save money. Its mission is to empower a worldwide reduction in urban greenhouse gas emissions, one building at a time. 

MyHEAT's current products are based on the award-winning technology created at the University of Calgary. I was the 'Lead Remote Sensing Analyst' for this project at the University of Calgary and contributed to developing most of the image processing algorithms.

Linear disturbances such as roads, seismic lines, and pipelines built in peatlands alter vegetation cover, water table position, and soil moisture content, water movement within the peatland and soil temperature. These changes, in turn, can affect nutrient availability, plant growth and ultimately GHG exchange. This 3-year NSERC-ERA funded project aims to determine the impact of current linear disturbances on peatland GHG emissions and evaluate low-impact methods of construction for reduction of GHG emissions related to the disturbance. 
I have been working as a research scientist in the project for the last three years to support remote sensing related research activities within the scope of the project.

The Peatland Restoration program is jointly funded by the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), NAIT, industry, and SME partners and led by Dr. Bin Xu, NSERC Industrial Research Chair. 

The missions of this program are:

  • Develop and provide industry and practitioners practical, cost-effective, and science-based solutions for reclaiming boreal peatlands

  • Conduct critical research for developing peatland management practices

  • Training of highly qualified personnel (HQP) in peatland science and reclamation techniques through summer internships, seminars, and workshops

I am one of the collaborators in this project, entitled to supporting scaling up of field-based models using cutting-edge remote sensing and geospatial techniques. 

Previous Projects

  • Early detection of mountain pine beetle mortality using thermal sensors mounted on a UAV platform 

  • Develop a GIS tool for creating height metrics from LiDAR data

  • Rangeland health mapping in Alberta using advanced geospatial techniques

  • Comparing UAV- and satellite-derived phenology over Alberta’s native grasslands.

  • Develop a method for extracting urban vegetation for the City of Calgary using RGB Orthophoto

  • Developing a framework for automated forest change detection and operational harvest update in Alberta

  • Prepare Tsunami probability map of three large cities in Bangladesh

  • Design and develop a GIS database for a residential housing society in Dhaka, Bangladesh


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