Image Format Conversion in python: Raw to Tiff/Jpeg - Batch Processing

November 4, 2019

This program reades raw format image files and converts them into
jpeg or tiff format. This code is written to enable batch processing
Required Modules:
imageio - pip install imageio
rawpy - pip install rawpy
User inputs:
1. Input Format:
2. Output Format:
3. Input image folder:
3. Output image folder:


import rawpy # for reading raw image into python
import imageio # for converting raw image to desired format and save to disk
import glob # for reading files with specific extension from a directory



# set input file directory for reading raw files  
indir = "F:/BERA/Data/CFS_UAV_Data/438_30m/"


# set output file directory for writing files 
outdir = "F:/BERA/Data/CFS_UAV_Data/"


# specify input file format
informat = "DNG"


# Specify output file format
outformat ="tiff"



# read the names of all the files in the directory 
files = [f for f in glob.glob(indir + "**/*."+informat, recursive=True)]


# loop throught each file in the directory and process one by one
for f in files:
    # print the file name that is currently being processed
    print("Current file")


    # create output file directory+name
    name_length = len(f) # lenght of the string containg input file name and directory 

    out_file = outdir+f[(len(indir)+1):(name_length-len(informat))]+outformat # output file name+directory
    image = rawpy.imread(f) # read image data

    rgb = image.postprocess() #convert format

    imageio.imsave(out_file, rgb) #save file to disk

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